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This is a little bit about me. Being the lazy bas***d that I am, I couldn't have written this. So I got Maddy to write it for me. It's a birthday gift from her. She's the one who should have a blog, I mean she knows how to write, you'll know when you read this. Thank you Maddy, it's lovely. And that word cherubic - I had to look it up in dictionary. Wow! A representation of a small angel, portrayed as a child with a chubby rosy face. WOW! I think you got carried away on this one.
- 12-JUL-2006

A cherubic, bonny baby was born on the 5th of July, 1977. Although adorable as a kid, all these growing years have taken their toll on Mayur Poddar, who proudly displays his typical Cancerian traits. Compassionate, sensitive and sympathetic, he has a powerful imagination. I would say, moody, temperamental, over-protective and untidy. This, coming from a very biased younger sister. But will she let go of this opportunity, where she is being requested to write a “few lines” about her dear old brother? You need to have a sibling, to understand this feeling.

Jokes apart, I am here to write about my brother, Mayur, so let’s get on with it. There’s not much I can say about his childhood. All I ever noticed about him was his prosperous growth, explained by his immortal love for food. As a brother he was a big bully, and as a son, a brat. Even so, always loved by family and friends. Mind you, when I say ‘friends’, I mean the very few special friends that he had and still has.

He tells me he believed strongly in love at first smell. Ask Coffee, his first love, or any love after that. Together forever, they were meant for each other. But this love story, like the other, had the same tragic end, a divorce. Now he can’t recognise the dusky beauty even from an inch. I suppose it was too much to handle, he took to philosophy. I would attribute this sudden interest to the upheavals in his personal and professional life, which put him through the hoop, emotionally and mentally. I quote: “once in a while you'll get to hear some very deep rooted unsolicited philosophical advice from me”. Something I will always appreciate - advice from a big brother: this comes from the heart.

Something to talk about is his passionate interest in technology and everything related to it. Right from the age when he was knee-high to a toad, probably ever since he could hold a screwdriver in his podgy little hands, his fingers have itched to open up some appliance at home. He has looked into every single electrical appliance, be it the television or the mixer. I would think his biggest moment in his school years was the Sports Day function at National Public School in 1995, when the public address system went blink and Poddu saved the day by using a mike he had made at home. Well, several other things like that, but technology is what drove him. He was never academically oriented, but the brains were all there. So who says exams decide how smart a person is?

Somewhere along the way, he turned into an atheist, much to our mother’s dismay. He stands fast by the scientific rationale behind everything, every creation, every action, every form. Science can explain it all. So be it.

His love for computers landed him in the Bangalore Institute of Technology, where he toiled for 4 years and emerged a software engineer … with a neat job at Wipro Technologies tucked in his pocket. Right out of college and into the country’s biggest IT company. We have it all served on a silver platter, don’t we? The 6 long years at Wipro gave him a lot to remember. Loads of coding, baskets full of colleagues and truckloads of office politics besides trips to Canada, US and Japan.

Apparently, the coding and the politics got to him. Or as the young generation likes to put it – he got sick of the corporate world, the rut, the routine, the usual run for the next day. So, coding kicks the bucket, and flying takes off! Mayur is now in Vancouver, as a student of the Professional Flight Centre, studying for his Commercial Pilot License. After 4 months, he is very happy about the decision, although the studying is getting to him, as usual. He loves Canada and he loves flying, one would say it gives him a ‘high’. Once he becomes a pilot, I am hoping to get some freebies, at least in return for this if nothing else. Good luck, big brother!

His passions don’t start and end with technology though. Sometimes I wonder if he would have made a good soldier, fighting for his country, with the kind of patriotism he displays. Ever thought about it, Poddu? How about the Indian Air Force?

Well, after all that I have said about Mayur Poddar, here’s a little bit about me. I am Madhavi Agarwal, his sister, a Chartered Accountant by profession. Let me take this opportunity to enlighten you all further. His spelling is atrocious, and remains so because I have not dedicated enough time to my duties as his official blog editor. When you see a marked improvement in his blogs, you can give me the credit, thank you.

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