The two big requirements for a non-profit, non-violent, direct-action group like Greenpeace are man-power and funds. Since they do not accept funds from corporate entities or the government, but only from individuals like you and me, it becomes an independent people's movement. And since there are no strings attached to the government or the corporate sector, there is freedom to do things “the right way”.

While I knew about the group for quite some time, I was running a little Greenpeace in the backyard of my home. About 3 years ago, I persuaded my father to switch to CFL in our home. He carried the message forward, and we now use CFL for all common areas in the entire apartment complex.

Recently I decided to join the group for good. Currently a student, I may not be able to contribute much, personally or financially, but the long term agenda is to get involved at deeper levels. At this time, I feel that there is an immediate need to contribute to their coffers. I've been donating to CRY for the last 5 years. This year, when I have no source of income, I could not ignore the clear and present danger to our environment, and gave Greenpeace whatever little I could.

It’s not just for us, for today, it’s for our future generations. If the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on doesn’t stay healthy, no amount of yoga, pranayama and acupressure is going to keep us healthy. And like they say, our health is our biggest wealth.

I’m confident that any contribution to Greenpeace, however little, will go a long way, and like me, will make you proud of being a supporter. If you truly understand the phrase “green and peaceful planet”, then I implore you to read from the Greenpeace website and pledge your support. If nothing more, calculate a miniscule half percent of your annual income (0.5% or 0.005 X Annual_Income) . Is that too much of an investment in your future?

Pest Control

While I make every effort to not lie, I sometimes have to tread a middle path, like not saying the whole truth. This time it was about what the doctor said about my stomach pains. After a long physical, his diagnosis was

  1. Kidney stone
  2. Appendicitis

He ruled out any stomach infection, but prescribed a deworming just in case. The choice between kidney stone or appendicitis would be easier to make at the end of 2 days. If it's a kidney stone, it's already somewhere in the ureter (that's the pipe between the right kidney and bladder). If the stone is small, chances are that it'll get pushed down, get ground, dissolved, whatever, and get washed out with my pee. The pain should disappear. If it's a large stone, or if it's appendicitis, the pain will increase and we'll figure it out with an ultrasound.

It's the third day, and the pain has ... disappeared. Congratulations.

Incidentally mom had the house sealed off today for the exterminators to spray their lethal pest control stuff all over.

Shaken And Stirred … 2007

New Years Eve was a blast. Paani puri, birthday cake (Parthiv turned 30), party at TGIF, pyjama party at Naveen's place, and finally fell asleep at 5am. The party never stops. Life is good and this year should see things getting better than ever.

I’m booked to fly from Delhi to Vancouver on 08MAR. This time, I’m going to get it all done, full and final, and be back before November. Hopefully the weather will cooperate through this year, so I can fly and fly and fly. The next best thing will be to get back to Bangalore with my license and fly around for an aerial city tour. I can’t wait to do this.


1 S2 141 07MAR – BLRDEL - 1255 1535
1 BA 256Q 08MAR 4 DELLHR HK1 0655 1105
2 BA 85Q 08MAR 4 LHRYVR HK1 1645 1815

By the way, if you land up at CafĂ© Coffee Day (CCD), and want to order Hot Chocolate, check with them if they serve authentic Hot Chocolate or just milk with Hersheys Chocolate Syrup. That’s what they did to me last week – milk with Hersheys syrup. That’s the most disgusting thing ever on this planet. Did you know that Hersheys syrup is 100% synthetic – it has no cocoa whatsoever.

The new year has been very generous. The only reason I’ve not written anything on the site for many days is because I’ve been busy loafing around and eating out all the time. What do you get for eating out all the time? A big tummy and tight pants. And some serious stomach aches. Once every 3-4 hours, lasting a few seconds, the most severe stomach pain ever. I personally have a very high tolerance level for pain. But this one, oh man, this one is inside me, and it gets me down. It’s been 3 days now and the doc doesn’t like it at all. He says we’ll wait and watch another 2 days before which he’ll get serious with me. And these 2 days should be rest at home, lots of warm fluid, and soft food. Can you believe it, the last time I went to a doctor and got a prescription was more than 2 years back. For everything else, there’s acupressure.

I should take this opportunity to thank Dr.Jha. He’s a very well known acupressure practitioner in Bangalore. Thousands of people from all over the country seek his holistic healing techniques. It was his influence that got me to learn acupressure. And thanks to him, I haven’t eaten any allopathic medication in the last 2 years. Be it any ailment, he can make a difference. You have to experience it to believe it. The first time I went to him with my mom, I was 100% skeptical of his practice, and had 0% faith in what he was doing. But it took only that one visit, and for me, it was no less than a paradigm shift. I actively promote acupressure and holistic healing. If you want to experience Dr.Jha's therapy, here is the map to his home-cum-clinic in Marathalli, Bangalore. It is at the intersection of Outer Ring Road and Airport Road. And his phone number is 98451-83095.