The two big requirements for a non-profit, non-violent, direct-action group like Greenpeace are man-power and funds. Since they do not accept funds from corporate entities or the government, but only from individuals like you and me, it becomes an independent people's movement. And since there are no strings attached to the government or the corporate sector, there is freedom to do things “the right way”.

While I knew about the group for quite some time, I was running a little Greenpeace in the backyard of my home. About 3 years ago, I persuaded my father to switch to CFL in our home. He carried the message forward, and we now use CFL for all common areas in the entire apartment complex.

Recently I decided to join the group for good. Currently a student, I may not be able to contribute much, personally or financially, but the long term agenda is to get involved at deeper levels. At this time, I feel that there is an immediate need to contribute to their coffers. I've been donating to CRY for the last 5 years. This year, when I have no source of income, I could not ignore the clear and present danger to our environment, and gave Greenpeace whatever little I could.

It’s not just for us, for today, it’s for our future generations. If the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on doesn’t stay healthy, no amount of yoga, pranayama and acupressure is going to keep us healthy. And like they say, our health is our biggest wealth.

I’m confident that any contribution to Greenpeace, however little, will go a long way, and like me, will make you proud of being a supporter. If you truly understand the phrase “green and peaceful planet”, then I implore you to read from the Greenpeace website and pledge your support. If nothing more, calculate a miniscule half percent of your annual income (0.5% or 0.005 X Annual_Income) . Is that too much of an investment in your future?

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