Pest Control

While I make every effort to not lie, I sometimes have to tread a middle path, like not saying the whole truth. This time it was about what the doctor said about my stomach pains. After a long physical, his diagnosis was

  1. Kidney stone
  2. Appendicitis

He ruled out any stomach infection, but prescribed a deworming just in case. The choice between kidney stone or appendicitis would be easier to make at the end of 2 days. If it's a kidney stone, it's already somewhere in the ureter (that's the pipe between the right kidney and bladder). If the stone is small, chances are that it'll get pushed down, get ground, dissolved, whatever, and get washed out with my pee. The pain should disappear. If it's a large stone, or if it's appendicitis, the pain will increase and we'll figure it out with an ultrasound.

It's the third day, and the pain has ... disappeared. Congratulations.

Incidentally mom had the house sealed off today for the exterminators to spray their lethal pest control stuff all over.

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