Saransh - Able Villagers

I've been working with Saransh - able villagers, a Bangalore based charitable trust that works in the villages of India, for people with disabilities. They provide the disabled/handicapped with training and required raw material. Once they make the products, they buy the whole produce at market price to sell it, mostly to corporates. Their current product list includes handicraft made of ceramics, coconut fibre, leather, soft marble, terracotta candles and wood. They also have a variety of candles, hammocks, handmade paper products and lamp shades.

And why am I writing about Saransh? Because I've been working with them for the past month. I've tried to help the group in my own little way, by creating and hosting their new website It's not my best production, but this is something that I will work on continuously. Even though it's up and running, I would say that the website is only in its nascent stage today. It will be a communication portal for Saransh, and will also display their complete product range.

We are already looking at the next steps. The main feature that is up on the production line is the integration with an online payment gateway, so that corporates and individuals will be able to purchase products online, and make donations. And for facilities like these, Saransh needs lots of help from individuals with similar technical backgrounds. If you or your friends would like to volunteer for website backend administration (Joomla), and for internet payment gateway solutions, please visit the website and fill out the volunteer form.

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