Camera Recalled

I’m so happy today, I’m literally jumping. My trusted A-70, 4 year old, 3-mega-pixel, 3X zoom, Canon digital camera, blacked out a few weeks ago. And no, that’s not why I’m happy.

I was very frustrated with the situation, because like it goes with almost everything else here, taking the camera to a service center meant $100 to have it checked, and another $200 to have it repaired. That would be a grand total of $300. Now compare that to a brand new, state-of-the-art, 6-mega-pixel, 12X zoom camera for $400. This is the case with almost every electrical or electronic gadget available in North America. If it’s not working, throw it, get a new one. That’s the way it works here. Now I don’t have the $300 to get the camera repaired, and that would also mean that I don’t have enough to buy a new one. So I’m frustrated beyond my normal tolerance levels.

Now you probably know me and twitchy fingers, just waiting to get to a screw driver. After 2 weeks of doodling over the camera, I decided to open it up myself and give it a shot. Who knows, maybe it’s nothing. So I’m almost started with the screw driver. I don’t know what got into me; I decided to search on the internet if anybody else has opened up theirs, and that’ll make my life easier. These compact electronic gadgets can be very difficult to open and reassemble. And lo and behold, I find this website that tells me that the black screen is a known manufacturing defect. And. And. And. Canon is fixing the problem for free, irrespective of where you purchased the camera and how old it is. Yowwyyyyyyyyyyy. That’s how I went when I read that. They call this process a "recall". I scrambled for the phone, called them up, confirmed the problem, got the address in Vancouver where I can drop off the camera, and they’ll fix it, for FREE! Oh boy, I haven’t been so happy in many days.

By the way, I applied for, and was granted, a visitor visa to the US of A. The visa is valid for 10 years. Currently I intend to do a few 1-day training flights into the US, and if things work out Ok, I'll plan a longer trip for my birthday.

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