Deep Fried Banana With Ice-cream

My cold has finally cleared. I should be back in the air in a day or two. I'm a little bit occupied with 3 important things for next week. First is the Class-1 medical for Tuesday, then the Canadian study permit extension for Wednesday (my study permit expires in a month), and finally the US visa interview for Thursday. A whole bunch of paperwork is to be completed for each of them.

Marjan treated Jason and me to a huge Chinese dinner at Mings in a corner of Ladner village. The ambience was comforting, food was delicious, and service was excellent. It was a medium size place, with seating for about 70 to 80 people, and the menu was more than 15 pages. And that's with over a dozen items on each page. The variety was quite a surprise, and so was the taste. I can say now that the so called Chinese restaurants back in India are very "Indianised", with all our spices and what not. And being quite a dud with Chinese food, I let Marjan and Jason do the ordering. They ordered so much food; we packed enough for another huge meal for 2 people. And through the evening, I learnt the different between cabbage and lettuce. The highlight of course was dessert ... deep fried banana with ice-cream. This is something I will not forget too soon. I'm going to look for a recipe and get going.

Tahir pulled me downtown last week for his birthday bash. The cold was still stuck in my nose and chest. But this is one adamant boy. Dinner was at "A Taste of India", an authentic Indian restaurant on Robson Street (downtown Vancouver). The food was good, ambience was slightly putting everybody off (they were playing instrumental old hindi sad songs), and service was good. Thanks to Tahir for a lovely dinner. Then the group headed off to Granville for drinks. We hit the popular club Tonic, the guys got couple of shots and beers. I broke off at 1:00 in the morning to catch my last bus home. Here comes the most exciting part. The bus ride home was supposed to be 45 minutes. But it took me 2 hours. I fell asleep in the bus, missed my stop, got off 5 kilometers later, and had to walk back home. Thankfully, it wasn't very cold that night; else I would have ended up as a frozen lolly half way home. And now that my camera is broken, I'm getting pictures off others cameras. Click here to see pictures from the birthday night.

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