The Night Is Young

The skies have cleared and the sun is out. Spring is here and blossoms are everywhere. The runway is clear and the planes are flying. It's amazing how much of a difference the weather can make to my daily existence. I love the sun.

In all my zest, 2 days earlier, I rode the bicycle to school for a flight. When I started biking back home, it was 10:30 in the night and the temperature was 5 degrees and falling. Even with the jacket and head gear, I reached home 30 minutes later, with a leaky nose and a heavy head. Now that I officially have a cold, I don’t suppose my instructor will sign me off to fly, at least not until the cold is gone. It’s the worst thing ever, getting stuck with a cold when you’re away from home, and alone. And not being able to fly either. Simply miserable.

The weather clearing up, my flying has resumed to normal, with a new instructor and a new program. I've started with a "night rating" with Seiji. The night rating adds on to my Private Pilot License (PPL) and enables me to fly at night. Quite certainly, it's not so much fun flying at night in the mountains this side of Canada. It's significantly safer to fly south into the USA, where there are fewer mountains, more highways to follow, and more lights at night. I've applied for a USA visa, interview pending 12-April. If I get the visa, I'll be doing my cross country flights, at night, south into the US. These cross country trips should be one night affairs each - I depart at official night time (currently 8pm, becoming 11pm later in summer), fly for 1-2 hours south into the US, take a short break, and then head back to Vancouver.

I realize now that I could have done much better with the PPL. And the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a lot tougher. This time around, I've taken to studying more seriously, putting in more effort, definitely working harder. It's still a few months away, but my CPL flight test will be something I will be proud of.

Last weekend I went to downtown Vancouver. I had the camera with me and took a few pictures. After about the 10th shot, the screen went black. Minimal investigation revealed that the probable affected part is the main digital sensor; everything else seems to be working alright. The screen is alive; it displays the camera controls and settings, but not the picture itself. Now I'm without a camera. I hope I’ll be able to borrow cameras for a day here and there. I’ll feel very sad if I can’t keep photographic memories of sorts, and share beautiful Vancouver and nearby places with you. Sometimes things just fix up by themselves. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Click here to the few pictures that made it before the black set in .

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