Talking To Myself

Is there something I want so badly that I feel like if it doesn't come true I will have missed out on something special? Yes!

Are there intense signs telling me that this is the chance to put everything I've got into furthering that goal or dream? Yes!

I have to invest now in something I want to grow in and make it more important in my life. But to get what I want, I need to let go of whatever is not working and anything that has outlived its usefulness, whether that is an attitude, or a life situation that no longer fits who I am today. And possibly take a few moments to stand back and look at what I've accomplished.

During these last several months, I have craved for changes in my life that I am now ready to take to a new level. In the past, just when I thought I knew what was going on and which direction I wanted to go in, something happened to hamper the progress. I live in a changing world, and now is the time for me to change along with it, I have to ride the waves of change. Before anything else, I want to become clear about my future. Not by worrying about the details right now, just getting the big picture, so I have something to aim for.

Talking to you: Are we just friends? Or, are we closer? Do I want to connect intimately and also to keep everything private? I struggle to determine the difference between fantasy and reality. There is desire for pleasure, but there is also the change of feeling misunderstood. My values and beliefs are in continuous debate with me.

Mayur Poddar

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