To my sensibilities, the idea of free basics is discriminatory and should not be allowed under any circumstances. Nothing in the world comes free. If Facebook is truly concerned about Internet access for those who cannot afford it, let them give the money and millions of smartphones to the government, which can run a subsidy scheme, just like public distribution scheme for food grains.

And those of you who are clicking away on Facebook accepting the free basics propaganda, take some time and read about it first! This is not a complaint to the government about bad roads that you can just pile on, it's serious shit, it's underhanded way of making an advertisement look like a complaint.
If you care that much, go here and read and respond:www.savetheinternet.in

Maybe #FreshMenu, but is it #SafeMenu?

Sharing my feedback of FreshMenu today. If you order fish, take it with a dose of deworming pills.


I had your Dukkah Fish with Persian Pilaf for lunch today. While the fish was just slightly under-done, it tasted good. The rice however  was nowhere near Persian, it was clumpy, bland, and I didn't find a single piece of dry fruit in it. What a letdown.

That being said, I found long white round worms in the fish, sadly only after I had consumed more than half of it. Where there's worms, there's eggs. I pray it was cooked well enough that I don't get infected. If I do fall sick, I know whom I'm going to sue.

Anyhow... No more fish from FreshMenu.


I rarely ride the bike these days. And when I do, the worst things happen. Jokers will squeeze into the tiniest spaces when waiting at a red light. Like they're going to fly over the vehicles ahead of them. It's so annoying. Leave a little space man!‪#‎DontBeRedLightJerk‬

There is one simple way to get people to respect each other on the roads, at least at Red lights. At a traffic junction, if a cop isn't able to walk in between any 2 vehicles, that's clear violation of lane discipline, and maybe a few more sections of the law. Take pictures, feed them into the system. They'll learn. But for this to happen, cops must end their charade of waiting in the bushes to nab random jerks, and come to the traffic junctions, and walk around with a camera. Can they do it? Can they?