I rarely ride the bike these days. And when I do, the worst things happen. Jokers will squeeze into the tiniest spaces when waiting at a red light. Like they're going to fly over the vehicles ahead of them. It's so annoying. Leave a little space man!‪#‎DontBeRedLightJerk‬

There is one simple way to get people to respect each other on the roads, at least at Red lights. At a traffic junction, if a cop isn't able to walk in between any 2 vehicles, that's clear violation of lane discipline, and maybe a few more sections of the law. Take pictures, feed them into the system. They'll learn. But for this to happen, cops must end their charade of waiting in the bushes to nab random jerks, and come to the traffic junctions, and walk around with a camera. Can they do it? Can they?

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